4 Things You MUST Do If You Want To Date Attractive Women

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By Erica Black

There are so so many nice guys out there just like you that I meet
everyday. Thing is, every time I get to know them there is always
one thing in common.

They continually fall into the friend zone when trying to date any
girl they feel a strong attraction for.

The other common thread is they have no idea why it happens,
at what point it actually happened, or how to get out of it.

They then hold on for dear life hoping they can turn things around
the more time he spends with her.
Without question this strategy gets you ditched by the first bad boy
that walks her way.

BUT this scenario is completely avoidable and is a huge driving force
why I designed my eCourse Get Into The SAC.

Nice guys have so much to offer great girls but they just need
to learn how real attraction works with women. Women are attracted
to how a man makes her feel.

You can create attraction in the right girl and make her ‘feel’ drawn to you
BUT to achieve this you first have to become your best self. Your authentic self.

Here are some essential tips to start you on your way. ALL women want
their man to posses these qualities and believe me the sooner you can
start practicing these and learning more about how to master these
the sooner you will start attracting great women who have a strong
sexual desire towards you as well. Sound alright?

TIP #1. Learn to highlight your best qualities.

It’s a simple equation for women.

a man who knows what he does best = a strong man

This man knows what he wants -

and then SHE wants him!

Women want a man who:

  • knows what he is all about,
  • is confident within that, and
  • enjoys excelling at whatever it is.

We girls are intuitive by nature.

We can’t help it.

Our intuition turns on instinctively

and we are programmed from a young age to listen to it.

Any women who is smart and tapped into who SHE is

(the kind I’m sure you’re after)

will NOT be interested in a man who is unaware of his own strengths.

So, give yourself a reality check.

Get clear about what makes you feel strong,

and excited about life.

Then DEVELOP those points.

You CAN become the man of HER dreams!

TIP #2. Understand how women work.

DO you know how how attraction works for confident sexy women?

DO you know when a woman is playing games?

DO you really know how women want to be dated?

  • Do you know how to read our “come closer’ or “stay away” body language?
  • Yep we can indeed be complicated but when you know how we ‘tick’

you’ll know which buttons to push and when. And it will work in your favor!

TIP # 3. Women will like you if you are confident around them.

WE KNOW a confident man when we see one.

And – believe me – it’s a universal fact that woman are

super-attracted to CONFIDENT GUYS.

If you want to start attracting awesome women who want you and don’t

want to be your mate, you need to start working on your confidence.

TIP #4. Try my eCourse for a 7-day risk-free trial.

I designed “Get into the SAC” exclusive to men

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You see, I’ve spent years studying confident men, cocky men, nice guys, and arrogant men.

If you’re here then I bet I’m spot on, knowing that YOU are the NICE guy – right?

You deserve a great relationship!

But, from ALL my research, I can tell you straight:

  • to be truly successful at creating a spark,
  • at exciting some attraction
  • or even just getting a girl wanting to spend more than one date with you
  • AND to have her longing for another -

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My goal is to get you to a level where you are CHOOSING YOUR DATES,

based on knowledge about women,

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