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4 Things You MUST Do If You Want To Date Attractive Women

There is nothing in this world that affects a man more than the feeling of lost love. I know this from seeing my male friends suffer, and from mentoring clients over the pain to get back in the dating game. Instead of drowning your sorrows in drink, or giving up on dating altogether, I’ve got the FIVE ESSENTIAL STEPS you must take to help you get back in the game and win.

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How To Kiss Her To Turn Her On

Locking lips for the first time can make or break what she thinks of you from then on.

Even if a date is going well, if you don’t kiss her in a way that leaves her wanting more, she’ll flick you off to the Friend Zone faster than a cricket umpire can say, “You’re out!”

So, how DO you create a strong, romantic connection with just the right kiss?

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How To Impress A Girl On A First Date     

How To Impress A Girl On A First Date

Do you know what frustrates women the most on a first date? It’s so simple, you’ll kick yourself for getting it wrong, and it’s so important to GET RIGHT that—if you don’t—every woman you try dating will never want to date you again!


And it’s actually REALLY EASY to fix.


Let me tell you how …

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How To Meet A Girl Right Now

It might seem like complete fantasy to think you can meet a girl RIGHT NOW—anytime, anywhere—and get a date, right?

But you can. And it doesn’t mean you’re stuck with clubbing or trawling online dating sites. And you CERTAINLY don’t have to second-guess when women might be ready to accept an approach.

You can catch a woman’s attention, anytime, anywhere, and get her saying yes to a date with you because you can TRANSFORM YOURSELF into a chick magnet, so that you are DESIRABLE to women, no matter what, ALL THE TIME.

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How To Get A Girl Liking The Real You     

How To Get A Girl Liking The Real You

Are you familiar with that movie scene where the beautiful woman says, “If only a guy told me straight out how he felt”? But then, when the guy tells her exactly that, she slaps him and stomps off.

If it seems to you like a double standard between WHAT WOMEN SAY THEY WANT and WHAT WOMEN REALLY FEEL, then you’re not alone.

Most women react to a guy being honest as if he’ll say whatever it takes to get her into bed. So where does that leave the genuine guy?

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Mistakes Men Make When Using Facebook To Find Women

Everybody is on Facebook these days. Sure, you can keep up with high school friends, but did you know that you can legitimately trawl for potential dates as well?

When I worked in recruitment (finding engineers work), I would tell my candidates that getting work is a numbers game.

“Let’s get you out there first, get employees to want you and then you decide WHO you want to work with.”

The same thing goes with getting a woman to date you.

Just about everyone has a Facebook profile these days, and if you’re a single guy without one … get one!

And-to all you shy guys-I highly recommend you add Facebook to your dating tools because …

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Praise for 1st date ...

Hi Erica,

Just wanted to say I found your eCourse to be one of the best and REAL things I've ever read about women and dating so far. I feel "educated" about women now rather than learning a whole heap of pre-set pickup lines. For me, it's really summed up the "What Women Really Want" aspect and because of that women just don't seem so hard to approach now ... yep, even the hot ones!

Bon Qld